Fleetman: Immersive Maritime Bridge Simulator
Fleetman Full Mission Bridge Trainer (FMBT)

Fleetman is an immersive maritime simulator featuring an exceptionally high quality 3D environment.

Train and test your ship’s bridge personnel in all aspects of ship handling, navigation, Rules of the Road, and bridge management in a virtual environment containing open sea, anchorages, ships, and harbor models. Fleetman is a scalable training solution that can run on laptop or desktop PCs as stand-alone trainers or as part of a networked system connected to a Full Mission Bridge Trainer (FMBT). The result is a comprehensive and cost-effective training solution that delivers considerable safety benefits by allowing student skill levels to be developed and assessed prior to exposure to real ships.

DDG cresting a wave

Key Advantages

  • Simulation of safety-critical vessel maneuvering
  • Port entry rehearsal including berthing and anchoring
  • Fixed and portable variants with multiple display options
  • Cost effectiveness through reduced live ship operating hours and fuel costs
  • Future-proof and extendable by the use of COTS hardware
  • In-built conduits for NMEA and DIS

Training Features

  • Planner for defining position and intended movement for each platform
  • Ability for ships to follow predefined course (waypoints/autopilot)
  • Collision avoidance (Rules of the Road) by day and night
  • Visual signaling (International Code of Flags and Signals)
  • Detailed models of new ports and coastline can be added and customized to order, complete with accurate depth information to provide both above-water visual cues and echo sounder information linked to tidal states
  • Fleetman can be supplied as a portable option configured on laptops, fixed classroom positions with desktop PCs, or a full-scale bridge with simulation of appropriate equipment and displays
Tug boat towing a cruise ship in the Fleetman environment
Screenshot of the Fleetman Environmental Settings

Instructor Tools

The instructor is capable of real-time management of the simulation including full control of environmental conditions like wind speed and direction, tidal stream, sea state, visibility in fog or haze, rain, and cloud cover. Various ship models are provided with user-defined platform dynamics including rate of turn, draught, engine configuration, and speed (including acceleration/deceleration). Additional vessel types added to suit user requirements and models can be constructed as an additional option.

  • Exercise configuration and runtime control
  • Introduction and manipulation of multiple targets (air and surface) into the scenario
  • Ability to save exercises
  • Full object maneuvering control
  • Insertion of machinery breakdowns/failures
Photo of a Fleetman Instructor Station
Photo of the CCTV monitor the instructors use to monitor the students
fleet-sldr-many-from-above fleet-sldr-cargo-ship-in-port fleet-sldr-many-from-the-side