Flight Deck Officer Training Simulator
screenshot of flight deck crew waves to pilot

An immersive synthetic environment for Flight Deck and Landing Signal Officers on ships and offshore oil and gas platforms.

Train flight deck personnel on ship and offshore oil & gas platforms. Teach correct marshaling and deck handling procedures during aircraft approach, landing, deck handling, departure and vertical replenishment.

Built from the technology of our proven Fleetman simulator, the Flight Deck Officer (FDO) trainer delivers an immersive, high fidelity synthetic virtual environment for students of maritime flight deck operations. FDOs/LSOs (Flight Deck and Landing Signal Officers) learn correct marshaling techniques during helicopter launch and recovery operations.

The result is a comprehensive and cost-effective training solution that delivers considerable safety benefits by allowing student skill levels to be developed to near-operational standards prior to exposure to live aircraft. FDO is supplied with full training provided by ex-military aviation instructors highly experienced in all aspects of both civilian and military rotary wing aviation.

screenshot of VERTREP

Key Advantages

  • Simulation of safety-critical helicopter operations
  • Training for airborne and ground phases of helicopter launch and recovery operations
  • Fixed and portable variants with multiple display options
  • Cost effectiveness through reduced live aircraft training/flying hours
  • Future-proof and extendable by the use of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) hardware
  • Training supplied by Helidecks-International

Training Features

  • Training for single-spot helicopter operations
  • Correct execution of standard and emergency procedures
  • Identification of and response to incorrectly executed procedures
  • Response to aircrew visual signals
  • Control of flight deck personnel (avatars)
  • Identification and correction of any helicopter operations
  • procedural errors
  • Start-up and shutdown routines (including engine fire)
  • On and off lashings
  • Fore and aft landing and launch
  • Relative wind launch and recovery
  • Rotors-running refuel
  • Rotors-running refuel with fuel spillage
  • Passenger transfers
  • VERTREP (vertical replenishment)
  • Hold on deck/wave off
  • Crash on deck
  • Ditching
screenshot of helicopter landing at night
sceenshot of helicopter on deck

Instructor Tools

  • Control of the helicopter, responding to the FDO’s marshaling signals
  • Control of visual requests and commands from the pilot and aircrew
  • Simulation of command and control orders
  • Monitoring of student marshaling signals
  • Control of environmental conditions
  • Playback of video of correct marshaling signal to the students