Royal Navy Oman Fleetman Bridge Simulator Upgrade

January 2017
DTM Global has successfully upgraded the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) Fleetman bridge simulator and classroom at Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy. The latest version of the Fleetman software introduces WECDIS and ECDIS integration, allowing RNO navigation instructors to conduct individual and group training of students in fleet navigation and manoeuvring exercises, with improved hydrodynamic modelling, updated harbour and ship models, as well as integration with ship control consoles for desktop simulation. Also included in this upgrade is the migration to Insight Recognition Training System Version 3, which is used to provide interactive multi-spectral recognition and identification training of threat aircraft and warships. Insight V3 utilzes a fully updatable commercial-off-the-shelf multi-lingual database, allowing the RNO to conduct a variety of training courses in Arabic or English.