Fire Control Trainer Delivered to Royal Navy

July 2015

DTM Global has successfully delivered two Fire Control Trainers (FCTs) to the UK Royal Navy’s largest training establishment and headquarters of the Maritime Warfare School and Surface Stream, HMS Collingwood. The FCTs will allow RN gunnery instructors to conduct individual and group training of students in the operation of the remote operator console (ROC) of the 30mm Automated Small Calibre Gun (ASCG), as fitted to RN ships.

The ASCG is a ship protection system, designed by MSI Defence Systems, using the DS30M A2 30mm gun and is the weapon of choice against fast attack craft and inshore swarm attacks of the littoral. Inshore threats include powerboats, interceptors, rigid inflatable boats, and jet-skis. The FCT presents the trainees with a realistic maritime vessel-borne virtual environment that simulates multi-sensor ROC acquisition, tracking and target engagement with accurate weapon ballistics. Instructors can create an infinite variety of threat scenarios, enabling students to engage targets under a vast range of conditions. DTM Global’s FCT is also in-service with the Iraqi Navy.

The FCT is based on DTM Global's successful Fleetman naval training systems encompassing bridge simulation, desktop fleet manoeuvre training, communications, and flight deck officer training. Fleetman products are in service with the Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal Oman Navy, Royal Saudi Navy, as well as the United Kingdom Royal Navy.