DTM Global to Supply INSIGHT to the Royal Army of Oman

The Royal Army of Oman has become the 24th military customer of DTM Global’s INSIGHT Recognition Training System. INSIGHT software provides critical recognition and identification training for soldiers, sailors, and airmen to prevent friendly fire incidents and increase mission effectiveness. INSIGHT is the only off-the-shelf multilingual, user-updateable, network-enabled recognition training system in the world developed to address the problem of fratricide. It is available in all 19 languages used by NATO forces and Arabic.

Designed by DTM Global, INSIGHT provides multispectral interactive imagery, in a SCORM®-compliant distributive training format, using innovative recognition and embedded 3D training techniques. Accessing imagery exchange agreements, all media within INSIGHT is end-user adaptable and updatable. INSIGHT is currently used by schools of artillery, armour, air defence, aviation, electronic warfare, infantry, intelligence, maritime warfare, and photographic interpretation. The latest version of INSIGHT is now available as an iTouch® and iPad® application.