Royal Saudi Air Force and Navy buy new simulation training systems from UK based DTM Global

November 2009

A UK based company has won two major contracts with the Royal Saudi Air Force and Navy. These are the latest in a series of successful contract wins for DTM Global, which has become a global player in defense simulation training.

The Royal Saudi Air Force is to use DTM Global’s ‘Insight’ recognition training system to maximise accuracy in combat identification. The King Fahad Naval Academy in Jubail is to use DTM Global’s Fleetman Bridge Trainer for interactive training in ship handling and bridge procedures.

Both of these contracts were awarded to DTM Global in conjunction with its Saudi partner, Rahaden Trading.

The ‘Insight’ programme uses high-resolution 3-dimensional images to help users identify the origins of a particular vehicle, ship or aircraft, thereby reducing the risk of friendly fire in combat. The program is already in use by the US Air Force and 23 other Armed Forces globally.

The Fleetman Bridge Trainer, with a 270° field of view, simulated bridge and engine controls, instrument panels and electronic chart display, can simulate routine, and potentially dangerous, real-life situations. Training exercises can include ships, submarines and aircraft in different ports and at sea, with accurate depth contours and weather conditions. An integrated Radio Communications Trainer sharpens communication skills and improves operational safety.

Tim Dewing, Chief Executive of DTM Global, said: “We are delighted to have won these prestigious contracts in Saudi Arabia. There are few companies that offer such capability in a portable and highly flexible PC format. We have seen DTM Global grow rapidly as more and more Armed Forces recognise the significance of our networked training tools. Our quality of product, combined with our quality of service, is what really makes us stand out.”