New Zealand Navy Signs Contract with Devon-Based DTM Global

The Royal New Zealand Navy has placed an order with Totnes software company DTM Global following a six month tender and evaluation process.

The deal comes just weeks after the US Air Force placed a second order with DTM Global after using ‘Insight’, an innovative product aimed at reducing the risk of ‘friendly fire’ in battle.

The Royal New Zealand Navy will install DTM Global’s Fleetman Fleetwork Simulation Trainer*, which is a family of computer-based naval trainers designed to exploit the full power of modern PCs, at its Maritime Warfare Training Centre, in Auckland, next month.

DTM Global supplies off-the-shelf and bespoke simulation, training and cutting edge real-time 3D visualisation software products such as Fleetman and Insight, as well as fully integrated ‘turnkey’ simulation solutions, to clients across the world.

Fleetman enables the running of simulation exercises using a mix of ships, submarines, helicopters and aircraft. Students, or groups of students, may be assigned to different platforms within the exercise over a workstation network. Real-time software is used so that, if one student manoeuvres their platform, all other students in the exercise will see the manoeuvre as it is carried out. Fleetman has been in service with the UK Royal Navy Maritime Warfare Schools and waterfront learning centres since 2004.

DTM Global’s upturn in sales coincides with a further round of funding from the Finance South West Growth Fund. Finance South West, which closed for new applications for investment in December, is an £18 million investment fund that provided commercial finance from £10,000 up to £1 million for buying, selling, starting or growing a business in the Objective Two area of the South West. Finance South West invested over £15million in over 100 businesses in the region.

Chris Notman Smith from DTM Global said: “We are obviously delighted and very excited that the Royal New Zealand Navy has selected DTM Global for its Fleetman software and the team very much looks forward to working with them in the future.”

Chris Burt, Business Fund Manager for Finance South West, said: “We were happy to increase our investment in such a forward-thinking and successful company as DTM Global, which has an increasingly impressive client base, and we look forward to playing a significant part in its continuing success.”

DTM Global worked on the deal in partnership with New Zealand-based AAL (Training and Systems Solutions for Defence).