U.S. Air Force orders DTM Global’s Insight Recognition Programme

The United States Air Force has formally activated Insight Recognition Training System. The USAF purchased Insight after determining that it is the best threat recognition program to suit their training requirements. This month, the system will be distributed to all USAF squadrons in Air Combat Command, the major command responsible for all the fighters and bombers in the continental United States. The USAF's main goal for Insight is to use the program to prevent fratricide by training for the timely identification of enemy and friendly air, land and sea platforms.

Designed by DTM Global, UK, Insight provides multi-spectral interactive imagery in SCORM®-compliant distributive training format, using innovative recognition and embedded 3D training techniques. Accessing imagery exchange agreements, all media within Insight is end-user adaptable and updatable. Trialed by NATO Allied Command Transformation in 2005/6, Insight is available in all 21 languages used by NATO and in Arabic. The USAF is the 22nd military user of Insight.