The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) chooses Insight for recognition training

The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) of the UK’s Territorial Army has become the 22nd user of the INSIGHT recognition trainer. The HAC’s Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Patrols Battalion provides Military Capability in the form of an STA consisting of a Patrol Regiment with up to four STA squadrons, Headquarters (HQ) and Signals Squadrons and a Liaison Officer (LO) troop, operating at Regimental level and with the ability to deploy on operations within 90 days in order to contribute to the Land component of the UK’s military capability.

The HAC sees the ability to accurately identify both friendly and enemy equipment and vehicles as being as important now as it has ever been. The dynamics may have changed in that they are now expecting their young soldiers to identify the difference between a Toyota HILUX and the Ford equivalent rather than note the peculiarities of a particular version of BMP or BTR. (Although this clearly still has its place!).

Being a Reserve Unit, one of the greatest training challenges facing the HAC is actually the availability of time and ruthless prioritization needs to be carried out in order to ensure that this scarce resource is used as efficiently as possible. The acquisition by the HAC of the INSIGHT Recognition Training System will permit Phase 2 & 3 recognition training to be streamlined and ultimately to be developed to a higher level, thus better reflecting the contemporary operating environment in which HAC soldiers are now fighting.

The system will also give the HAC’s G2 cell a much-needed operational capability that can be deployed as and when required. This capability of offering G2 recognition data in an operational environment has not before been available at Regiment Headquarters level and the HAC are convinced Insight will provide a significant enhancement to Regimental operating procedures.