Type 45 Destroyer NBCD Trainer - Communications System

Serco (Weymouth) has awarded DTM Global a Contract to develop an emulation of the Internal communications element of the Fully Integrated Communications System (FICS) for installation by Serco in the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 Destroyer Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence and Marine Engineering Officer Of the Watch training systems within HMS Excellent and HMS Sultan.

The Type 45 communications emulation will utilize the latest version of DTM Global’s communications software developed for the new Communications Team Trainer recently supplied to a major Middle East Navy. This will be linked to new graphical user interfaces developed specifically to emulate the Type 45 Destroyer’s Voice User Units.

The basis for the system is the extremely reliable Fleetman Communications system first supplied by Serco (Weymouth) and DTM Global in 2004. These systems are in regular use in Royal Navy’s Waterfront Learning Centres and at the Communications Warfare Training Group in the Maritime Warfare School.