Communications Team Trainer Delivered

On the 9th April 2008 DTM Global handed over a Communications Team Trainer to a major Middle East Navy. The system, which has been developed from the Fleetman communications system in use with the Royal Navy since 2006, has added a new level of realism in voice and data communications training. The delivered system has workstations for 20 Students and 2 Instructors and simulates HF, VHF, UHF and SATCOM voice and data circuits. The Instructor has the ability to insert fading, noise, spoofing, jamming and atmospheric effects such as anomalous propagation. A powerful replay facility enables the Instructor to replay an exercise from any point and to show what radio selections had been made by each Student throughout the exercise. The system incorporates a Scenario Generator, through which the Instructor can insert air, land and sea platforms plus land-based communications centres. Before an exercise the Instructor can set up multiple frequencies to create a realistic Communications Plan, assigning frequencies to individual Students associated with the Task Group or formation they are operating with to simulate different COMPLANS. The new Communications Team Trainer will be incorporated with all future sales of the Fleetman family of naval and marine training systems for use in both military and civil training systems. The system will also be used in a new Joint Forces trainer currently in development by DTM Global for an overseas customer.