The power of Fleetman in a desktop package

Fleetworks, the desktop version of Fleetman

Fleetworks shares the same foundation, and can even be networked with Fleetman to participate in shared scenarios. The smaller footprint of Fleetworks allows for a cost effective approach of allow many student-piloted ships to interact in shared virtual environment at the same time.

Fleetman Simulator

Fleetman Bridge Trainer

Immersive Maritime Bridge Simulator


Fleetworks + Fleetman Better Together

Fleetman and Fleetworks are network ready out of the box. Connect multiple Fleetman and Fleetworks stations together for a shared virtual environment.

Illustrating the connection between Fleetworks Labs and Fleetman Simulators
Oman Fleetworks Lab fleetworks-lab-3D-from-corner fleetworks-lab-3D-from-center
fleet-sldr-many-from-above fleet-sldr-cargo-ship-in-port fleet-sldr-many-from-the-side