Dewet, Electronic Warefare Tactics Trainer
Dewet screenshot

Realistic training in electric warfare (EW) tactics and countermeasures.

The Deployable Electronic Warfare Environment Trainer (DEWET) is a state-of-the-art, dynamic EW simulation system that provides training in:

  • EW procedures and equipment
  • Electronic attack
  • Electronic protection methods

DEWET offers highly visual, interactive, and realistic EW events and equipment training.

Instructor Tools

EW instructors are able to create manual and automatic mission scenarios connecting interactive air, land and sea platforms with associated EW equipment, emissions, and weapons. Air, land, and sea platforms may maneuver automatically or according to manual control by Instructor or student, in real time. DEWET has the unique ability to accurately replicate multiple EW equipment performance within C-hardware.

Dewet mission properties
Dewet screenshot

Training Features

  • Basic EW training
  • Man-machine interface research of display ergonomics
  • Tactics and countermeasure development
  • Synergistic EW training
  • Aircrew equipment training
  • Mission planning
  • Mission rehearsal