New Zealand Navy Signs Contract with Devon-Based DTM Global

The Royal New Zealand Navy has placed an order with Totnes software company DTM Global following a six month tender and evaluation process.

The deal comes just weeks after the US Air Force placed a second order with DTM Global after using ‘Insight’, an innovative product aimed at reducing the risk of ‘friendly fire’ in battle.

The Royal New Zealand Navy will install DTM Global’s Fleetman Fleetwork Simulation Trainer*, which is a family of computer-based naval trainers designed to exploit the full power of modern PCs, at its Maritime Warfare Training Centre, in Auckland, next month.

DTM Global supplies off-the-shelf and bespoke simulation, training and cutting edge real-time 3D visualisation software products such as Fleetman and Insight, as well as fully integrated ‘turnkey’ simulation solutions, to clients across the world.

Fleetman enables the running of simulation exercises using a mix of ships, submarines, helicopters and aircraft. Students, or groups of students, may be assigned to different platforms within the exercise over a workstation network. Real-time software is used so that, if one student manoeuvres their platform, all other students in the exercise will see the manoeuvre as it is carried out. Fleetman has been in service with the UK Royal Navy Maritime Warfare Schools and waterfront learning centres since 2004.

DTM Global’s upturn in sales coincides with a further round of funding from the Finance South West Growth Fund. Finance South West, which closed for new applications for investment in December, is an £18 million investment fund that provided commercial finance from £10,000 up to £1 million for buying, selling, starting or growing a business in the Objective Two area of the South West. Finance South West invested over £15million in over 100 businesses in the region.

Chris Notman Smith from DTM Global said: “We are obviously delighted and very excited that the Royal New Zealand Navy has selected DTM Global for its Fleetman software and the team very much looks forward to working with them in the future.”

Chris Burt, Business Fund Manager for Finance South West, said: “We were happy to increase our investment in such a forward-thinking and successful company as DTM Global, which has an increasingly impressive client base, and we look forward to playing a significant part in its continuing success.”

DTM Global worked on the deal in partnership with New Zealand-based AAL (Training and Systems Solutions for Defence).

Devon company strikes deal with German Air Force

Devon-based software company DTM Global has struck a further deal with the German Air Force following the successful introduction of its Insight Recognition* software, aimed at reducing the risk of ‘friendly fire’ in battle.

DTM Global supplies bespoke training, simulation and animation software products including the Insight Recognition Training System which provides multi-spectral interactive imagery in SCORM®-compliant distributive training format, using innovative recognition training techniques.

DTM Global’s Insight software has been so successful at the German Air Force School of Photographic Interpretation, in Furstenfeldbruck, that the German Federal Office for Military Technology and Procurement has purchased additional Insight software licenses and a 3-dimensional (3D) database module. This update will enable the German Air Force to provide specialist recognition training using state-of-the-art 3D software.

This latest deal coincides with a further round of funding from Finance South West, which is part funded by the EU through the Objective Two Programme for the South West and has now invested £11.7 million in 91 businesses in the region, levering over £26 million into the South West economy and creating or safe guarding almost 800 jobs.

Chris Notman-Smith, DTM Global International Sa les and Marketing Manager, said: “We are delighted the German Air Force has chosen DTM Global to supply our 3D database module which we have successfully delivered within 2 weeks of receiving the order.”

Chris Burt, Business Fund Manager for Finance South West, says: “This latest deal with the German Air Force is a further example of the innovative quality of DTM Global’s products. We are delighted to have played our part in the company’s continuing success.

U.S. Air Force orders DTM Global’s Insight Recognition Programme

The United States Air Force has formally activated Insight Recognition Training System. The USAF purchased Insight after determining that it is the best threat recognition program to suit their training requirements. This month, the system will be distributed to all USAF squadrons in Air Combat Command, the major command responsible for all the fighters and bombers in the continental United States. The USAF's main goal for Insight is to use the program to prevent fratricide by training for the timely identification of enemy and friendly air, land and sea platforms.

Designed by DTM Global, UK, Insight provides multi-spectral interactive imagery in SCORM®-compliant distributive training format, using innovative recognition and embedded 3D training techniques. Accessing imagery exchange agreements, all media within Insight is end-user adaptable and updatable. Trialed by NATO Allied Command Transformation in 2005/6, Insight is available in all 21 languages used by NATO and in Arabic. The USAF is the 22nd military user of Insight.

The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) chooses Insight for recognition training

The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) of the UK’s Territorial Army has become the 22nd user of the INSIGHT recognition trainer. The HAC’s Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Patrols Battalion provides Military Capability in the form of an STA consisting of a Patrol Regiment with up to four STA squadrons, Headquarters (HQ) and Signals Squadrons and a Liaison Officer (LO) troop, operating at Regimental level and with the ability to deploy on operations within 90 days in order to contribute to the Land component of the UK’s military capability.

The HAC sees the ability to accurately identify both friendly and enemy equipment and vehicles as being as important now as it has ever been. The dynamics may have changed in that they are now expecting their young soldiers to identify the difference between a Toyota HILUX and the Ford equivalent rather than note the peculiarities of a particular version of BMP or BTR. (Although this clearly still has its place!).

Being a Reserve Unit, one of the greatest training challenges facing the HAC is actually the availability of time and ruthless prioritization needs to be carried out in order to ensure that this scarce resource is used as efficiently as possible. The acquisition by the HAC of the INSIGHT Recognition Training System will permit Phase 2 & 3 recognition training to be streamlined and ultimately to be developed to a higher level, thus better reflecting the contemporary operating environment in which HAC soldiers are now fighting.

The system will also give the HAC’s G2 cell a much-needed operational capability that can be deployed as and when required. This capability of offering G2 recognition data in an operational environment has not before been available at Regiment Headquarters level and the HAC are convinced Insight will provide a significant enhancement to Regimental operating procedures.

Type 45 Destroyer NBCD Trainer - Communications System

Serco (Weymouth) has awarded DTM Global a Contract to develop an emulation of the Internal communications element of the Fully Integrated Communications System (FICS) for installation by Serco in the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 Destroyer Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence and Marine Engineering Officer Of the Watch training systems within HMS Excellent and HMS Sultan.

The Type 45 communications emulation will utilize the latest version of DTM Global’s communications software developed for the new Communications Team Trainer recently supplied to a major Middle East Navy. This will be linked to new graphical user interfaces developed specifically to emulate the Type 45 Destroyer’s Voice User Units.

The basis for the system is the extremely reliable Fleetman Communications system first supplied by Serco (Weymouth) and DTM Global in 2004. These systems are in regular use in Royal Navy’s Waterfront Learning Centres and at the Communications Warfare Training Group in the Maritime Warfare School.

British Army Orders Insight

May 2007

The Javelin wing of the Support Weapons School at Warminster has selected Insight Recognition Training System to provide recognition training for both commanders and operators attending the school. This initial buy will form the basis of a sponsored trial to assess Insight's further utility for recognition training across the British infantry.

Insight, which was developed to address the high level of fratricide (or so-called “Friendly Fire) incidents, is the only off-the-shelf multilingual, user updateable, network enabled recognition training system in the world. So far versions of Insight (and NATO CITS, which uses Insight as its basis) have been delivered in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Danish.

Communications Team Trainer Delivered

On the 9th April 2008 DTM Global handed over a Communications Team Trainer to a major Middle East Navy. The system, which has been developed from the Fleetman communications system in use with the Royal Navy since 2006, has added a new level of realism in voice and data communications training. The delivered system has workstations for 20 Students and 2 Instructors and simulates HF, VHF, UHF and SATCOM voice and data circuits. The Instructor has the ability to insert fading, noise, spoofing, jamming and atmospheric effects such as anomalous propagation. A powerful replay facility enables the Instructor to replay an exercise from any point and to show what radio selections had been made by each Student throughout the exercise. The system incorporates a Scenario Generator, through which the Instructor can insert air, land and sea platforms plus land-based communications centres. Before an exercise the Instructor can set up multiple frequencies to create a realistic Communications Plan, assigning frequencies to individual Students associated with the Task Group or formation they are operating with to simulate different COMPLANS. The new Communications Team Trainer will be incorporated with all future sales of the Fleetman family of naval and marine training systems for use in both military and civil training systems. The system will also be used in a new Joint Forces trainer currently in development by DTM Global for an overseas customer.

Royal Marines

The Royal Marines ordered DT Media's Insight Recognition Trainer.