Royal Navy Oman Fleetman Bridge Simulator Upgrade

January 2017
DTM Global has successfully upgraded the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) Fleetman bridge simulator and classroom at Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy. The latest version of the Fleetman software introduces WECDIS and ECDIS integration, allowing RNO navigation instructors to conduct individual and group training of students in fleet navigation and manoeuvring exercises, with improved hydrodynamic modelling, updated harbour and ship models, as well as integration with ship control consoles for desktop simulation. Also included in this upgrade is the migration to Insight Recognition Training System Version 3, which is used to provide interactive multi-spectral recognition and identification training of threat aircraft and warships. Insight V3 utilzes a fully updatable commercial-off-the-shelf multi-lingual database, allowing the RNO to conduct a variety of training courses in Arabic or English.


March 2017
Come and see us in Booth 2721 at SEA-AIR-SPACE 2017, 3 -5 April 2017, Gaylord National Convention Center, Maryland

Fire Control Trainer Delivered to Royal Navy

July 2015

DTM Global has successfully delivered two Fire Control Trainers (FCTs) to the UK Royal Navy’s largest training establishment and headquarters of the Maritime Warfare School and Surface Stream, HMS Collingwood. The FCTs will allow RN gunnery instructors to conduct individual and group training of students in the operation of the remote operator console (ROC) of the 30mm Automated Small Calibre Gun (ASCG), as fitted to RN ships.

The ASCG is a ship protection system, designed by MSI Defence Systems, using the DS30M A2 30mm gun and is the weapon of choice against fast attack craft and inshore swarm attacks of the littoral. Inshore threats include powerboats, interceptors, rigid inflatable boats, and jet-skis. The FCT presents the trainees with a realistic maritime vessel-borne virtual environment that simulates multi-sensor ROC acquisition, tracking and target engagement with accurate weapon ballistics. Instructors can create an infinite variety of threat scenarios, enabling students to engage targets under a vast range of conditions. DTM Global’s FCT is also in-service with the Iraqi Navy.

The FCT is based on DTM Global's successful Fleetman naval training systems encompassing bridge simulation, desktop fleet manoeuvre training, communications, and flight deck officer training. Fleetman products are in service with the Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal Oman Navy, Royal Saudi Navy, as well as the United Kingdom Royal Navy.

DTM Global to attend DIMDEX

March 2013

DTM Global (DTM) will exhibit at the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX) March 26-28 in Doha, Qatar. Held at the Qatar National Convention Centre, DIMDEX is the only specialized maritime defence exhibition in the Middle East that brings together companies representing the newest technologies to meet the maritime security challenges of the 21st century.

DTM’s exhibit will feature their Fleetman Bridge Team Training product, which improves safety at sea; trains officers of the watch, navigators and yeomen to the highest standards; and trains and tests key personnel in all aspects of ship handling, bridge management, and the correct marshaling and deck handling procedures during aircraft approach, landing, deck handling, departure, and vertical replenishment.

Please stop by DTM’s stand N205-I in Hall 5.

DTM Global to supply INSIGHT to the Royal Air Force of Oman

January 2012

DTM Global has been contracted to supply The Royal Air Force of Oman with DTM Global’s INSIGHT Recognition Training System. INSIGHT software provides critical recognition and identification training for soldiers, sailors, and airmen to prevent friendly fire incidents and increase mission effectiveness. INSIGHT is the only off-the-shelf multilingual, user-updateable, network-enabled recognition training system in the world developed to address the problem of fratricide. It is available in all 19 languages used by NATO forces and Arabic.

DTM Global attends I/ITSEC

December 2011

DTM Global attended the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Fla., sharing a stand with its parent company, VSD, LLC. I/ITSEC is the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference and not only gave the DTM Global team a chance to showcase the company’s training and simulation products, but also an opportunity to network with representatives from other world-class training and simulation companies.

DTM Global announces its acquisition by VSD, LLC

June 2011

DTM Global announces it has been acquired by VSD, LLC (VSD). The acquisition brings together two esteemed companies to serve more customers globally. The existing United Kingdom operation of DTM Global will continue to work under its current name with its current management staff.

“As things developed with our recent partnership signing we started to learn that the opportunities were endless with DTM Global, and the next logical step was to become heavily involved in not only their product line, but their business as a whole. Adding the DTM simulation product line to VSD’s substantial training and systems integration offerings really sets us apart in our market,” said Chuck Wythe, CEO of VSD.

DTM Global Flight Deck Officer Simulator unveiled at NAVDEX 2011

February 2011

DTM Global launched their Flight Deck Officer (FDO) simulation and training tool in partnership with Helidecks Training Solutions at NAVDEX 2011. The simulator can be used to teach all the basic flight deck operations and marshalling signals, preparing the students totally for live helicopter training. The system will be used to provide FDO training to Hull 1 of the Al Baynunah Class Missile Corvette of the United Arab Emirates Navy under a contract between shipbuilder CMN and Helidecks Training Solutions.

The system will be used to provide FDO training to Hull 1 of the Al Baynunah Class Missile Corvette of the UAE Navy under a contract between shipbuilder CMN and Helidecks Training Solutions.

DTM Global secures order for Gunnery Trainer Iraqi through VSD, LLC

December 2010

DTM Global has been contracted by VSD, LLC to supply a Fire Control Trainer (FCT) for the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) requirement for the Iraq Navy Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) trainers. The FCT, also referred to as Fire Control Simulator, replicates the functionality of the Remote Operator Console (ROC) and simulates the behaviour of the MSI Defence Systems Seahawk Model DS30M A2 30mm Gun Weapons System.

The FCT provides realistic gun weapons system planning, firing, and target engagement in a virtual marine environment for effective operational procedures training of the ROC operator. The FCT is capable of stand-alone and integrated modes of training. In stand-alone mode, it can be used to support individual gun ROC operator skills and while integrated with a Full Mission Bridge Trainer (FMBT), enables synchronized whole/integrated command team gun engagement training exercises.

State-of-the-art simulation training tools successfully delivered for the Royal Navy of Oman

The Royal Navy of Oman has taken delivery of a state-of-the-art bridge trainer simulator with a variety of different port and harbour facilities custom built for the contract. A Fleetman classroom was also delivered allowing additional naval training to take place combined with or separate from the main bridge trainer.

An INSIGHT recognition trainer was provided to help cadets identify the origins of particular ships, aircraft, or vehicles, thereby reducing the risk of friendly fire incidents in combat. The INSIGHT recognition trainer is already in use with the U.S. Air Force and other armed forces in the Arabian Gulf.